the refuge throwing parties. sharing stories. finding hope. practicing the ways of Jesus.

all are welcome.

the refuge is a community of practice. a home for spiritual orphans. a place to gather hope. we meet most sunday evenings at the refuge space, tuesdays for open space hours and free lunch, and at houses and places of refuge during the week, both at our building and at various locations in north denver. we are located at 6900 w. 117th avenue #200, next to the habit for humanity restore and the north denver cares food pantry in broomfield. you are always welcome!

your journey matters. our journey together matters. together we are justice. voice. healing. love. beauty. community. generosity. click the navigation links above to find out more. 

at our sunday evening gatherings we have a simple dinner at 5pm and a refuge kids program for babies-elementary.   see below to check out what's happening this week. 

invitation to community

the refuge is a mission center and christian community dedicated to helping hurting and hungry people find faith, hope, and dignity alongside each other.

we love to throw parties, tell stories, find hope, and practice the ways of Jesus as best we can.

we're all hurt or hungry in our own ways.
we are old, young, poor, rich, conservative, liberals, single, married, gay, straight, evangelicals, progressives, book-smart, street-smart, certain, doubting, hurting, thriving.

yet Christ's love binds our differences together in unity.

at the refuge, everyone is safe, but no one is comfortable.
we're at different places on our journey but we share a guiding story, a sweeping epic drama called the bible.

we find faith as we follow Jesus and share a willingness to honestly wrestle with God and our questions and doubts.

we find dignity as God's image-bearers and strive to call out that dignity in one another.

we all receive, we all give.

here's what's happening

sunday, december 21st, 2014

broomfield community thanksgiving

our annual christmas feast together, 5:30pm

join us as we wrap our last week of advent with one of our favorite traditions—a christmas feast. it’ll be a time of food, reflection, and fun for all ages. bring a christmas side dish if you can.

also, remember, that our candlelight christmas eve service is on wednesday, december 24th from 4-5pm. we hope you can make it!

the latest on the refuge blog:

check out our latest post:
refuge advent week 3 - “journey”

as a community, our hope is that we will make time and space to be open to God and engage in the story of advent in our own unique ways. we have special stations each week centered on the different reflections. we are going to post modified versions of these here so that some of the thoughts can linger and those who are unable to participate can be part, too.

this week’s story is centered on mary from luke 1:26-45.

life is always a journey, moving from one place in our lives to another. like every journey, there are always unexpected twists and turns along the way. things we didn’t plan for. bumps and detours that throw us for a loop circumstances that we never factored in. part of following Jesus is remembering that no matter what, he is with us on the journey. we are never alone. he will never leave or forsake us. mary followed God’s leading despite not knowing where she’d end up…

read more at the refuge blog.

this week in the refuge community:

  • monday, 12.15.14, 6pm- house of refuge at the petersons in broomfield
  • tuesday, 12.16.14, 8:30am, advocates christmas brunch
  • tuesday, 12.16.14, 10am-2pm- open space hours & free lunch
  • wednesday, 12.17.14, 7am- men’s group
  • wednesday, 12.17.14, 11:30am- place of healing open group semester wrap
  • wednesday, 12.17.14, 6pm- white elephant party at escobars house of refuge
  • thursday, 12.18.14, 5-8pm- serve dinner at joshua station
  • thursday, 12.18.14, 7:30pm- teens, tacos & tough topics
  • friday, 12.19.14, before noon, friday holiday movie matinee at the westminster promenade
  • sunday, 12.21.14, 5:30pm- 9th annual christmas feast and 4th week of advent
see details here.

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sundays in advent at the refuge

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the little mission that should

in 2013 we moved into our first real home after almost 8 years of utilizing temporary space. we are so grateful to have a more tangible presence in north denver! we have always done a lot with a little and the needs at the refuge have always exceeded the resources. we could not exist without the contributions of outside supporters! read more about our story to get a better idea of who we are and what we care about.
click here to download the pdf version to read and share.
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all donations are tax deductible.

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