About Us

A hub for healing community and social action, The Refuge is deeply dedicated to centering those who fall through the cracks of life and faith, living out our shared values in tangible ways, non-hierarchical team leadership, and collaborating with community partners because we are always better together. 

Our Teams

The Refuge is dedicated to inclusive and team leadership. Currently, three teams of leaders serve The Refuge: 

  • Serve and Sustain -This group of seven people facilitates, nurtures and supports the life of our community, and makes decisions, with input from our two other teams, when necessary.

  • Community Life - Our many on-the-ground leaders, who help catalyze different ministries of The Refuge, meet regularly for updates and encouragement regarding: Community Outreach, Refuge Café, Refuge Kids, Practical Needs, Single Moms, Social Justice and Creation Care, Advocates, Finances, Recovery, Facilities, Contemplative Arts, Dinner Church, Refuge Reads, Book Pub, Yoga, #NatureHeals, 12 Steps for Anti-Racism Work, #dogchurch, and more.  

  • Advisory - This group of seven leaders from outside our community offer us wisdom, encouragement, and, when needed regarding particular challenges, advice.

We also always leave open seats for new and future friends and team members to join us in our attempts to embody Jesus' dreams.

Our Values ... Are the very roots of our community


  • Showing up authentically as we are, owning our stories, and allowing ourselves to belong.

  • Walking with each other as fellow strugglers and seekers of Christ’s hope.

  • Following Jesus’ example of giving and receiving.


  • Serving and advocating for people in need, especially those who have been forgotten, oppressed or marginalized.

  • Dialoging with each other and with others in the midst of differences and opinions and beliefs.

  • Collaborating with other faith communities, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations to serve others and cultivate unity together.

  • Protecting what is good and restoring what is broken in God’s creation.


  • Seeing God—Three in One—as the source and center of all we are and all we do.

  • Wrestling with our questions, doubts, and dreams in humility and authenticity as we grow in our relationship with God, others, and ourselves.

  • Healing and recovering from past hurts, unhealthy patterns, and distorted images of God.

  • Honoring the Bible as our story—God’s words for us as the living text of our Christian faith, knowing we all may interpret the Scriptures differently.


  • Welcoming everyone with love, dignity, and hospitality as best we can.

  • Practicing equality in our experiences and leadership, where each person’s voice and gifts are welcomed and valued.

  • Sharing our communion table with all who want to take part.

  • Creating safe spaces for recovery, healing, and learning as we watch strangers become family.


  • Appreciating God as Creator of life, beauty, and enjoyment.

  • Welcoming diverse experiences for encountering and worshipping God.

  • Calling out God’s image in each other and restoring dignity through encouraging creative expression.


  • Laughing, crying, and eating together.

  • Throwing parties, honoring courage and marking milestones, and cherishing annual traditions.

  • Celebrating God’s work in our lives, our community, the world.


Land Acknowledgement and Our Invitation to Community 

We read this aloud at the beginning of many of our gatherings...

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge that the Refuge sits on land taken from the original peoples of this place -- the Arapaho, Cheyenne and Ute nations.

Countless Indigenous people lived on this land before us. Our settler predecessors used dehumanization, treachery, and violence to take this land from them. Before that time, not very long ago, this land had never been “entitled” -- the earth below our feet had never been subjected to land title. Native people are still here, alive and strong, in both urban and reservation settings. We should know and remember these things about this land and the people.

May our acknowledgment carry more than words.

The Refuge is a Christian community and mission center hubbed in Broomfield since 2006. We are young, old, poor, rich, single, married, gay, straight, evangelical, progressive, binary, non-binary, introverts, extroverts, born-here, born-elsewhere, eager, tired, book-smart, street-smart, certain, doubting, hurting, thriving.

We gather in many different ways

but are bound together by our shared values of presence, engagement, transformation, welcome, creativity, and celebration.

Across our differences,

We all give, we all receive.

We’re all equal, we’re all valued. We’re all healing, we’re all wrestling. We’re all learning, we all need grace.

Together, let’s listen for God. 

Open ourselves to Love. 

Prepare to be challenged. 

Be a refuge.