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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get help with shelter, showers, practical needs, support?

  • Come to The Refuge Cafe during our regular hours to meet with someone and learn more about possible resources. If you can’t make it in person, email or call us at 720-295-2270, and one of our advocates will get in touch.

“I have stuff to donate”—how do I do that? 

  • Please review the specific list on our donate page and feel free to bring any of those items during Refuge Cafe hours. We do not need household, furniture, or clothes and encourage you to bring those to our local partners--Joyful Journeys, a Precious Child, or the ARC. 

What does The Refuge need help with? 

  • Our primary needs are centered around serving the wider community through the Refuge Cafe, Single Moms Unite, and social justice projects. These needs include: financial support, donating personal care items, providing or sponsoring lunches, supporting Single Moms Unite, being part of community collaborations and special projects. 


Do you have a Sunday service?

  • The Refuge has a non-traditional format for Sundays. Called Spiritual Formation Sundays, it is a simple shared facilitated spiritual formation experience in a rhythm of one Sunday centered on Conversation, another on Contemplation, and the third Sunday is a Community Dinner. We have a simple shared liturgy and a Refuge kids program for elementary ages. Sometimes on Sundays, we have holiday feasts, special events, and annual traditions, so it’s good to look at our calendar. During the summer months, our Sunday format changes to a workshop-style gathering with dinner, modified childcare, and a focus on community engagement. 

What do you believe? 

  • The Refuge is an eclectic community with a wide range of people with various faith stories. As a community, we have chosen to center our life together on shared values and not a set of specific beliefs. You can read more about those values and what we are being invited into together here.

What is the best way to get involved at The Refuge? 

  • Check out our Community Hub and consider which of these you’d like to engage with and email us to make the connection and see what a next step might be. 

Who can I talk to about....? 

  • We have a team of pastors and advocates who are always open to connect on any of your questions, needs, or concerns. Email us or call us at 720-295-2270 with what you’re wondering about or need support with and we’d love to connect. 

What is the best way to stay informed on what's happening at The Refuge?

  • Sign up for our monthly newsletter below and follow us on Facebook and Instagram

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